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Hi! I’m Tamsin.

Email marketer.

Business owner.

Mother of two.

Wife of one.


If EMAIL were a person they’d be that dependable friend who holds your hair back on a windy day so you can finish eating your donut.

The friend you call for help when it’s the day before your child’s Book Week parade and you realise that every costume they have is two sizes too small.

The friend you confide in when you find term 4’s lunch box in your child’s school bag the day before term 1 starts.

They’ve been there through thick and thin – before all the shiny shiny – and now they’re here to be your new business BFF.

BUT, if EMAIL is so dependable then why is it so damn hard to know where to begin?!

I mean, you’ve sent and received a few thousand emails in your lifetime, but now it all feels just a bit weird to be doing it as a business owner, right?

That’s totally understandable, but it’s time to reset your thinking. 

Email marketing is about learning…

… HOW to attract your ideal customer to grow your email list.

… HOW to talk to prospects so they choose you over the competition.

… HOW to automate it all so you can get back to eating donuts.

I’m guessing that’s the stuff you’re really here for?

The stuff that is going to fill you with confidence, allow you to connect with your audience on a way deeper level and give you greater control over generating income.

There’s a reason that email marketing has stuck around for so long, and I can show/teach/do email marketing to/for you.

Didn’t understand that last sentence?

Me neither… just step this way. Everything is going to be OK. I have donuts.

Who am I?

Hi again. My name is Tamsin.

I believe email marketing can be a simplified and blissful place for you and your business.

There’s so much noise out there about what to send and when to send it.

If the latest stats are anything to go by then you should definitely send a 436 worded email on a Tuesday at 10:23am while facing North-West and standing on one leg.

Seriously though, there is no one-size-fits-all email solution because your email program should be as unique as your business. And I’m pretty sure that you didn’t create your business to be like everyone else’s, so your marketing shouldn’t look like everyone else’s either.

This is where I come in.

I steer you through strategic email marketing planning and show you how to implement it to get results.

I look at your whole email program and work with you to improve and grow it.

I show you how to fill your emails with content that will keep your audience opening time and time again.

I take your ideas and turn them into fully powered automations that work while you sleep.

I take your email template and give it a spit and polish to make it work better for you.

I turn jargon into plain English.

I take the confusing and break it down for you to understand.

I’m not here to simply tick off my to-do list and send you on your merry way.

I’m here to coach, teach and do.

By now you’ve got a pretty good grasp for what I can do for you… but who am I, for reals…?

Well, I’ve been working in marketing for the better part of 16 years.

I’ve always loved direct response marketing for the simple fact that you can put something out into the world, measure how it performs and then figure out what to do next.

There’s no guesswork, the answers are right there in front of you… you just have to know how to read the numbers.

Alongside all the numbers, I love storytelling.

I put that down to my Scottish and Maori lineage and – apart from the funny accents and men who can pull of wearing skirts – I come from a long line of storytellers.

Creating stories within emails is perfect for drawing audiences in to educate, entertain or inspire. I believe that every business has great stories to tell.

As for my skillz that payz the billz…

As I said I’ve worked for 16 years in marketing.

I started out in 2004 in a pokey little office with no air-conditioning in Cape Town, South Africa working for a grassroots charity.

I was it. The marketer, the copywriter, the photographer, the fundraiser.

I learned pretty quickly that marketing on the smell of an oily rag was going to take some creative thinking on my part.

I ran three marketing programs for four and a half years and raised millions of Rands (ZAR) for people living in abject poverty.

And if I couldn’t meet my financial targets then instead of having to report this to my manager, I had to answer to programs that didn’t get the funding they needed.

That was motivation right there!

In 2009 I moved back to Australia with my husband.

After being away for so many years, I reconnected with my country through the not-for-profit world.

I ended up working in one of the biggest humanitarian organisations in Australia (and the world), where I got to practice my marketing skills on an epic level.

I’m talking, creating an email program for an audience of over a hundred thousand people. It wasn’t for the faint-hearted.

The thing about working for not-for-profits is that you don’t have a physical product or service to sell.

Instead, you’re responsible for providing stories that connect so deeply that your audience feels inspired to make a difference and compelled to act.

I’m not talking about guilt-tripping people into donating, I’m talking about relatable stories that make people feel good about being part of something bigger than themselves.

If truth be told, e-Commerce and Service-based businesses could take a leaf out of the not-for-profit playbook.

It’s stories that will make your business memorable and connect with people emotionally. And if you know anything about the buying process it’s that emotion is what moves us to open our wallets.

So here I am… more than a year into The Email Marketing Mum and working from home in my own little pokey space (with air-conditioning this time!) and helping small business owners create open-worthy emails that go beyond the superficial and instead, connect and sell.

I‘ve worked with over 40 amazing clients so far and helped them put their email programs on the path to success.

Find out how you can achieve this for your business with your very own Email Marketing Audit + Strategy.