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How to write killer email

How to write a killer email (when you hate writing emails)

When it comes time to sitting down to write your email copy do you find that you’re suddenly fascinated with cleaning the top shelf of the pantry? What about when you finally do run out of ‘important’ household chores? Do you sit at your computer and bash out some solid copy for twenty minutes, or do you take an online quiz to find out what type of cheese you are? Deciding what to write and how to write it isn’t always easy, especially when you don’t like receiving marketing emails yourself....

Creating a lead magnet beyond giving a discount

Creating a lead magnet beyond giving a discount

If you own an online store and don’t currently have a lead magnet, or only have a discount offer, then this post is for you. Thinking outside of the square by creating a lead magnet that goes beyond giving a discount will go a long way to building a loyal customer base. Read on to see how three e-Commerce businesses have nailed their lead magnets to attract their ideal customer....

How to keep new customers happy and coming back for more.

How to keep new customers happy and coming back for more

It’s great to see all that effort you’ve put into your promotional campaigns is finally winning you new customers. High five girlfriend! Now the question is, once someone buys from you – then what do you do with them? Their shopping experience doesn’t end once they’ve submitted their order. In fact, it’s only just the beginning. Breaking down the shopping experience… Whether we buy in-store or online, our brains are chemically programmed to activate when we experience something new or exciting. In a nutshell, each time we buy something our Dopamine receptors are activated. You may have heard (or experienced) the term ‘shoppers high’. Well, it’s not a myth. Without sounding too geeky, Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centres. It enables us not only to see a reward, but to move toward it. Science out of the way – what does this have to do with keeping new customers happy? Short answer = everything. Longer answer = at the point of purchase, and the follow days after, it’s important to captialise on the shoppers high that your customer will be experiencing. This is especially important for online stores as physical products need to be packed and shipped, which leaves a time lag between the handing over of payment to the product arriving in their hands. Compare that to a buying experience from a physical store where the customer is able to walk away with their newly purchased item resulting in instant gratification. So, when it comes to creating an online shopping experience, how do you...

What an email marketing specialist can do for you.

What an email marketing specialist can do for you

Before hiring an email marketing specialist it’s important to know what they can do for you and your business. Here’s my top 5 things you should consider … 1. Finding you the right service provider Google ‘Best Email Service For Business In 2018’ and it returns 3 billion results. Add ‘Review’ to this and you get it down to just under 1 billion. My point is that the information out there is extensive and overwhelming. Ask around about which service provider your peers use and you’ll receive dozens of opinions, each one different from the last. Remember: Your business needs are different from someone else’s. What you need and how you want your business to grow will dictate which email provider is right for you. An email marketing specialist will help you navigate this key decision and provide options including the pros and cons for each. Pro tip: It isn’t always the provider who offers a FREE version. Investing a little bit of money each month in a quality provider can make all the difference for your business. 2. Growing your subscriber list Whether you’re starting from zero or want to grow your existing list, an email marketing specialist can help. A good specialist will provide you with a list of things you can try, but a great specialist will look at your business, research your industry and tailor an action plan for you. Question? Can you look at your website and list 4 ways it can capture email addresses? An email marketing specialist can. 3. Getting social Even though your email...

Why is email so important

Email Marketing: 3 reasons why you need it

Email marketing – is it really worth the investment of time and money? If you’re sitting on the fence when it comes to email marketing, or you’ve started using it but aren’t entirely convinced that you’re doing it right (and it’s even making a difference!), then this post is for you. First things first… I’ll just get this out of the way – choosing whether or not to communicate with your customer’s via email actually isn’t up to you… it’s up to who your ideal customer is and their preferred marketing channel for receiving information from brands. This is extremely important if you personally hate receiving promotional emails and they make you feel icky. If this is you then you need to put the icks aside and make your marketing plan more about your customer and their needs. One more thing about email marketing ...


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Enjoy this post? Please spread the word :)