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Email subject lines to test

7 subject lines you need to try

What if I told you that over a third of your subscribers will decide whether or not they will open your message based on your subject line?

It’s kind of a big deal.

So what can you do to create kick ass subject lines?

Glad you asked …

Firstly, your mission is to find 2-3 subject line formats that you can rotate depending on what type of email communication you’re sending.

It’s important to have a few options to hand because sending the same style of subject line over and over again will lose the magic you’ve worked so hard to create.

So with that in mind, let’s look at 7 different styles of subject lines you can start using straight away.


Style 1 | Get to the point

With 50% of Australians choosing to check their emails on a mobile device, it’s important to grab your reader’s attention by keeping your subject line short and to the point.

Don’t make them think too hard, because when content is too hard to consume we tend to switch off and move to the next thing.

Examples for short subject lines:

10 gluten free pasta recipes
70% off starts now
Your welcome gift


Style 2 | Length

If you’re not entirely convinced that Style 1 is the way to go then start testing short-form against long-form subject lines.

Just remember that your subject line still needs to be engaging and to the point. Don’t just add in words that don’t add value.

The idea for testing subject lines is to test ONE thing at a time. In this instance, I recommend keeping your topic the same and experimenting with word length.

Examples for testing short VS. long subject lines:

Luxury at a great price VS. A little bit of luxury at a great price
Tidy your wardrobe in 10 minutes VS. How to get a tidy wardrobe in only 10 minutes
Take an extra 20% off! VS. Heads up: extra 20% off end of season sale starts today


Style 3 | Ask a question

It’s a natural instinct for humans to be curious, so spark it with a question.

The trick is to make your question more of a teaser so the reader is left with no choice but to open your email to find the answer.

Examples for question subject lines:

Want to see something cool?
Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
Need to make a good first impression?


Style 4 | Be left field

Power someone’s interest with an ‘out there’ subject line. Have a play and be creative within your own brand guidelines.

Examples for left field subject lines:

Things that make you go ‘yes please!’
Your wish just came true: new items added!
Webinar or wine bar – you choose!


Style 5 | Personalisation

Years ago I remember reading that we don’t actually read our own name, but see it like an image. This is because we’re so familiar with the string of letters that make up our name it’s stored in our brains as a picture making it instantly recognisable.

I hope that’s true because it makes a whole lotta sense about why personalising subject lines work SO well.

Like anything, don’t overdo it and consider the position of the name.

Examples for personalising subject lines:

[firstname], we have a surprise for you!
Flash sale! [firstname] 30% off
Your support blew us away [firstname]


Style 6 | Emoji marketing

Yes, emoji marketing is a thing and the use of it in email messages is increasing year on year. Why?

Well, for one it’s been proven that an emoji in a subject line results in higher open rates. This is because they are great at drawing the eye away from text as they tend to be brightly coloured and instantly recognisable.

And, emojis enable brands to appeal to specific emotions in a way that other content fails to do.

Examples for emoji subject lines:

What’s new for spring 🌻
⚡Flash sale⚡30% off!
👗 Dress up and stand out!


Style 7 | Create urgency

Subject lines that create a sense of urgency can increase open rates … some say by over 20%, but I recommend testing this for yourself.

They work because your reader will feel compelled to take action so they don’t miss out. Think: limited stock or limited time deals.

Here’s the catch though … don’t do this too often otherwise these kinds of emails will lose their meaning.

Bonus tip: Create momentum for limited time offers by deciding on a time frame and work backwards. For example, if you want to promote a flash sale that is going to last for 24 hours and offers 30% off all of your products, then consider sending an email the day before as well as on the day and hours before the sale finishes.

Examples for creating urgency:

30% off sale starts tomorrow!
Your 30% off starts now!
Final hours! 30% off ends soon.


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Enjoy this post? Please spread the word :)