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Hello, I’m Tamsin

Hi, I’m Tamsin. I believe email marketing can be a simplified and blissful space for you and your business.

You and I are both women entrepreneurs.

We’re building something bigger than ourselves.

We have a calling to help others and make a positive impact on the world.

We love what we do.

I can help you take a BIG step towards that goal by showing you how to build your own sustainable revenue-generating email program and create open-worthy emails with ease.

Want to write better emails that engage, sell and connect with your audience, without sacrificing your values?

The days of greedily asking and aggressively selling are on the way out.

Instead, creating an online community that connects with your content and offer, so that they know without a doubt that you’re the BEST person for them to do business with, is in.

The “home base” for your online community is email.

It’s where you invite 1:1 conversations and solidify relationships, and it’s how you create momentum towards building the know, like and trust factor that is so pivotal for generating sales.

Email marketing can work for you… it’s time to STOP constantly spinning your wheels trying to make your impact.

Choose where to begin...

How to create a standout welcome sequence

I have TIME to DIY

Yes – there are good emails inside of you waiting to come out. Even if you don’t think there are. I teach you how to create key email sequences and write powerfully persuasive emails that connect with subscribers and have them reaching for their wallets.

I have no time to email

I have NO TIME to DIY

You know enough about email marketing to know that you don’t have the time to do it yourself. You know email is not something you don’t want to mess around with and want someone to take it off of your hands and create a sustainable revenue generating email program for you.

Who am I?


I dish out practical advice for how to send emails that open hearts, minds and wallets.

With SO much noise out there about what to send and when to send it, I can help you create smart ways to deliver engaging content that your customers will love.

I have over 16 years of direct marketing experience and created The Email Marketing Mum in October 2018 to specifically work with Australian and International female business owners who want to make email their No. 1 marketing channel for driving sales.

Read more about my story.

Want to know how email marketing can help your business grow?

What my clients said...

Free Guide: 37 Lead Magnet ideas to grow your email Iist

Let me take a guess at what might be holding you back from writing to your list…

You mainly focus on how to NOT annoy your subscribers and your writing doesn’t sound like you.

You’re worried that they’ve already heard your message before and that you’re repeating yourself.

You’re worried you’ll be called a spammer just by existing in their inbox.

And when you’re not doing that you’re…

Unsure about what to say or send to your audience…

Trying to figure out how to get the words from your head to the page without sounding like a robot…

Wondering how to grow your list…

And, that’s even before thinking about how to automate it all.

Your knowledge gap feels vast…

… even though you’ve spent many hours filling it with all the information you can get your sanitised hands on, praying something will work.

You’ve tried to replicate other people’s emails, but it doesn’t work for you.

You assume it’s you, or you did it wrong.

Maybe email isn’t for you after all.

There’s one HUGE problem with that scenario…

… all of the people you got the free advice from don’t know you or your business.

It’s like trying on someone else’s clothes and wondering why they don’t fit properly.

That’s not how email marketing should feel.

Your business is unique and so is what you’ve got to say.

It should feel like sitting down to write to your friend. A friend that is into what you’re into but just needs some help to get where you are.

And, when it comes to the selling bit, it hardly feels like you are, because there’s no doubt that you’ve got what they need.

They know it. And you know it.

Cue the cha-ching notifications.

Get out of your head and into…

Makeover my email masterclass

Makeover My Email Masterclass

Watch me break down how to write better emails from a bunch of real-life business owners in my community – all with thought out strategies, just in need of a little help to nail their execution.

Content planning session

Content brainstorm + Visibility planning

Imagine sitting down to write an email and already knowing WHAT you’re going to say because you’ve got a bank of ideas to draw from. Not only that, but you’ve laid out a sustainable way to be visible.

How to create a standout welcome sequence

How to create a standout welcome sequence

Learn to create an attention-grabbing welcome sequence. I’ll help you to uncover how much value you have to offer + give you easy-to-follow email recipes to tailor for your business.

What my clients said...

You don’t need a ton of subscribers, you just need a strategy that gets your emails opened, loved and making money.

Your list is your business BFF. No matter how BIG or SMALL it is. Embrace it. Like right now!

Building your list with the right people is the key to unlocking your email success.

When you start treating your list as your most prized asset you start to become more protective of it. And like an underground club, you become choosey about who you let in.

Once you change your mindset in that way, you’ll come to realise that being on your list is a privilege.

And in turn, you’ll only want to nurture your subscribers and make them feel seen, heard and understood.

Choose how you want to work with me…

Courses with support

How to create a standout welcome sequence

Learn to write powerfully persuasive emails that connect with subscribers and have them reaching for their wallets.

I want to hire you

I have no time to email

I take email marketing off of your hands and create a sustainable revenue generating email program for you.

From the blog

At The Email Marketing Mum we pay our respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Custodians across this country, and to Elders, past, present and emerging.